April 2012


School-based programs vital in reducing violence

In the last 12 months, staff at The Good Samaritan Inn in Melbourne have been working on a new initiative with schools that they hope will reduce the need for safe havens like theirs.

GG visits Kiribati, Tibwau renews vows

Good Samaritan Sisters were among many locals who gathered to welcome Australia’s Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, during her visit to the remote Pacific island nation of Kiribati last month.

First assembly for Good Samaritan Education

Members of Good Samaritan Education gathered in Sydney recently for their first formal assembly since the new Church entity was launched in November last year.

Musings of a Leader

Reflecting on Dawkins vs Pell

There are many theologians within the Catholic tradition who provide us with both the language and understanding to bring together the scientific understanding of the universe and the spiritual dimensions of our lives, writes Clare Condon SGS.


Realising the vision: 150 years of liturgical renewal

Good Samaritan Sister, Margaret Smith, participated in a month-long liturgical study tour to Europe last November. A constant message throughout the tour was “we can’t go back”.


Vatican II and liturgical renewal: unfinished business

The decision to reform the liturgy at Vatican II was closely allied to the purpose of the Council itself: renewal of the people of God, adaptation to the times, ecumenism and evangelisation, writes Ursula O’Rourke SGS.


A committed and passionate advocate

“I’m not very good at being sweet and compassionate and kind, tending individual people’s wounds,” says Good Samaritan Sister, Catherine Norman. “I’m not bad at that, but I think I’m better at seeing how can change systems”.

Faith in the Ordinary

The timelessness of Benedictine spirituality

What is it about Benedictine spirituality and history that enables it to be so formative of people’s humanity across time, ecumenical boundaries and cultural divides, asks Carmel Posa SGS.

Being Just Neighbours

Timor’s hard-fought independence: 10 years on

It would be a mistake to help the Timorese and expect gratitude, says Rita Mary Hayes SGS. They deserve our assistance because of what we have done to them and not done for them.

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