April 2014


Sisters gather to focus on future life and mission

Around 140 Sisters of the Good Samaritan from various parts of Australia, Kiribati, the Philippines, Japan and Timor Leste will converge on Sydney from April 22-24 for a special assembly to focus on their future life and mission as a religious congregation.

A pilgrimage: every step along the way has meaning

For 12 days in April, 20 people from Good Samaritan Education journeyed together on a pilgrimage to Italy and England which immersed them in the history and spirituality of the Good Samaritan Benedictine tradition.

Musings of a Leader

What are the pressing social needs of our time?

Who has a claim on our courage, compassion and commitment today in Australia, asks Good Samaritan Sister, Clare Condon.


Celebrating the Paschal Triduum: ‘rehearsal’ for paschal living

Dare we let this year’s Paschal Triduum take us out of our comfort zone and send us on a risky journey to the peripheries, as Pope Francis would have it, asks Good Samaritan Sister, Margaret Smith.


Religion, politics and the ‘consistent ethic of life’

We should question supposed Christian organisations concerned only with bioethical or so-called moral issues related to life, death and sexuality, without reference to equality, inclusion and a decent and meaningful existence throughout life, writes Moira Byrne Garton.


How a kindergarten teacher inspired a student

Helen Chiha has never forgotten her kindergarten teacher, Good Samaritan Sister Colleen Leonard. Not only that, she says Colleen inspired her to become an early primary school teacher herself and to branch out into children’s book writing.

Faith in the Ordinary

My father picked wildflowers in Palestine

As we commemorate Easter and ANZAC Day, Good Samaritan Sister, Pam Grey, shares a poem about one of her father’s ‘lighter’ war stories.

My spiky visitor

We all have some echidna-like characteristics. When we sense that our vulnerability is in danger, something akin to fear rushes to the surface and we respond by raising a spike or two, writes Judith Lynch.

Being Just Neighbours

Why we felt compelled to act

If you thought your government was perpetrating evil, how far would you be willing to go to stop them, ask Donna Mulhearn and Justin Whelan.

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