August 2013


Gathering attracts participants from near and far

Planning is in full swing for the Good Samaritan Partnership Gathering which will be held in Sydney in early October.

One woman’s journey with chronic pain

After years of debilitating pain and more than a dozen major operations, Sister Mary-Lynne Cochrane says she’s been given new life thanks to a book and holistic treatment program which gives hope to sufferers of chronic pain.

Musings of a Leader

Child protection a priority

I am utterly committed to the ongoing development of best practice in the protection of children and the prevention of abuse of children at every level within all Church structures, writes Good Samaritan Sister, Clare Condon.


Lessons in leadership

Rudd or Abbott? Post September 7 we will continue to discuss leaders and leadership because we are a species fascinated by leadership, writes Good Samaritan Sister, Patty Fawkner.


On perception, tastes and priorities

We all judge those around us, but don’t judge until you know the whole truth, writes Taylor Mills.


The importance of believing in others

“I’ve always worked with the marginalised,” says Cate Sydes. “I’ve always been drawn to kids and young people in need.”

Faith in the Ordinary

When the ordinary becomes extraordinary

We might have a wonderfully rich religious culture, but by and large, we have lost the key to it, writes Judith Lynch.

Being Just Neighbours

Holding on to hope

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but I’m tired and I’m frustrated, and I’m struggling to find hope for a way forward regarding Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers, writes Good Samaritan Sister, Sarah Puls.

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