August 2016


100 years of service to education acknowledged

The Good Samaritan Sisters’ 100 years of service to Catholic education in the Brisbane Archdiocese was celebrated recently with an acknowledgement of the gift the Sisters have been to the school communities and the bright future that lies ahead for Good Samaritan Education.

Sisters continue their focus on care for creation

It’s National Science Week here in Australia and it’s often suggested that science and religion don’t mix. Not so for the Good Samaritan SIsters who last month hosted an educational experience for their sisters, oblates and partners in ministry, to explore key aspects of the science and theology of creation.

Musings of a Leader

Let’s move beyond a narrow view of vocation

Vocation must be recognised and fostered within every person. There can be no special status for anyone, writes Good Samaritan Sister Clare Condon.


We become what we pray

For Benedictines, daily, communal liturgical prayer is central to their commitment. They pray together because that is their work, writes Good Samaritan Sister Catherine McCahill.


Am I included or not?

There is a link between exclusive sexist language and abusive behaviour towards women, writes Good Samaritan Sister Patty Fawkner.


Change “keeps you alive”

At 93, Sister Mary Gregory has witnessed enormous change in the world. She’s also experienced significant change in her own life. But unlike many of us, Mary hasn’t resisted change, even when it’s brought suffering and loss. She has been open to change. She’s also been an agent of change.

Being Just Neighbours

Compassionate consumption

As Catholics, we have a great history that includes meat-free Fridays, vegetarian contemplative orders and powerful social justice statements, writes Mercy Sister Elizabeth Young. Isn’t it time to reassess our eating habits and stand for compassionate consumption?

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