Roadside reflections

The roadside is an interesting place, writes Alice Priest. It’s an in-between place, a liminal space – for hostage-takers, healings and heroes to emerge.


Keep working on love

This year’s Social Justice Statement from Australia’s Catholic Bishops focuses on the value and dignity of older people. In her address at the launch of the Statement, Good Samaritan Sister Patty Fawkner asked: “what do the elderly of our world teach me for the journey of life?”


We become what we pray

For Benedictines, daily, communal liturgical prayer is central to their commitment. They pray together because that is their work, writes Good Samaritan Sister Catherine McCahill.


Hear the voters: growing inequality matters

Across the western world, people are revolting against political and economic systems which are demonstrably unfair and which polarise rich and poor. Redemptorist Father Bruce Duncan looks at growing inequality in the US and elsewhere, and how neoliberal philosophy influenced the 2016 Federal election in Australia.


Is there a place for solitude in our world today?

“I say that I need and desire solitude, but do I really? I know that I resist solitude and when I have the opportunity, do I know what to do with it,” asks Good Samaritan Sister Patty Fawkner.


One family’s story of war

Love Letters from a War “is my family’s story, the story of my people”, writes Margaret-Mary Flynn. “But it is a story shared with so many Australian families, so many little country towns.”


“May those… in the shadows be seen by those in the sun”

Monica Dutton describes a 30-second encounter that, for her, held everything contained in the message of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.


Letting go of attachments

The challenge of Lent is to go deeper into our own hearts despite the distractions, to go beyond the religious differences and the pettiness of the world around us, and seek union with God above all else, writes Joanna Thyer.


A merciful Lent

Looking with mercy – in every aspect of life, has the potential to change me and all those I encounter, writes Good Samaritan Sister Meg Kahler.


Summer films for the mind and spirit

In our last edition for 2015, “The Good Oil” invited some of our writers and readers to nominate a film they particularly enjoyed and would recommend to others for viewing over summer. Check out their list of good films for the mind and spirit.

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