July 2011


Good Sam royal fig tree lives on

A tree planting ceremony was held recently in the grounds of St Scholastica’s Convent in Sydney. But the small sapling planted isn’t just any common tree. It’s the progeny of a 125-year-old Port Jackson fig, planted by Prince George – later King George V – in 1881.

Students walk in the shoes of others

A group of students from six Good Samaritan Colleges spent five days of their holidays last week (July 3-8) getting a glimpse of what life is like for people who are significantly disadvantaged.

New Book of Hours for Good Sam community

The Sisters of the Good Samaritan have this week published a new communal prayer book, known as the Book of Hours, which uses inclusive language and reflects the cross-cultural membership of the congregation.

Musings of a Leader

The value of quiet listening

July 11, the Feast of St Benedict, is a special day for Good Samaritan Sisters. Benedict’s ancient rule and spirituality is foundational in their lives. At the heart of this spirituality is the virtue of silence, writes Clare Condon SGS.


Kiribati foundation a transformative experience

This year marks the twentieth anniversary since the Sisters of the Good Samaritan first arrived in Kiribati. What began as a ministry placement for one sister has grown into something much more.


Dialogue: a way of being authentic

As we continue to aspire to the call of the Gospels, to participate in the mission of God, then all the faithful, all those at the table will need to find ways of staying in dialogue, writes Catherine McCahill SGS.


Mater Dei: a privileged place to work

“It’s a privileged place to work; it’s as simple as that,” says Tony Fitzgerald, the Principal and CEO of Mater Dei School in Camden, New South Wales.

Faith in the Ordinary

Where there is no beauty there will be poverty

Are we at a special moment in history that is witnessing the slow awakening of new spiritual sensibilities? Can we consider the part places of beauty and light and peace might play in awakening spiritual sensibilities in our own time, asks Jill O’Brien SGS.

Being Just Neighbours

Seeing our neighbours with humanity

SBS TV recently invited viewers to see asylum seekers through the eyes of six Australians. Over half-a-million did each night. In retrospect, can we also look at this series through the prism of the parable of the Good Samaritan, asks Verna Holyhead SGS.

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