July 2012


Tributes to Good Sams for contribution to education

The contribution of Good Samaritan Sisters to Catholic education in Australia was acknowledged at two separate events recently – one in New South Wales, the other in Victoria.

Sisters inspired by US scientist

According to US scientist, academic and author, Dr Larry Edwards, Australians are much more aware than Americans of the environmental difficulties we now face and will face in the future.

Oblate addresses national assembly of religious

Good Samaritan Oblate, Peita Ward, of Brisbane, was one of five lay people invited to address the 2012 national assembly of Catholic Religious Australia in Adelaide last month.

Musings of a Leader

Is a new wave of violence eroding civilised society?

It seems much of the violence we observe or experience in everyday life within our civilised societies comes from the cultivation of and the acceptance of vices, writes Clare Condon SGS.


Vatican II: a view from the outside

The desire for unity expressed in Vatican II and strongly present in contemporary religious communities reflects a more widespread awakening within the global human community, writes Garth Read.


The petty politics must stop

The tragic events in the sea between Indonesia and Christmas Island in June highlight the urgent need to work on short-term and longer-term strategies to protect refugees in the Asia-Pacific region, writes Paul Power.


A medal for motherhood

While three-time Olympian, Susie O’Neill, understands why professional athletes make ‘come-backs’ after retiring, the mother of two is quite content to be heading to the London Olympics as a commentator rather than a competitor.

Faith in the Ordinary

Reading and the spiritual journey

Our new self, born of reflection from reading, may seek greater intimacy with God and others, writes Good Samaritan Sister, Joan Sexton.

Being Just Neighbours

Too much of a good thing

When will we start to join the dots and realise that we are connected to people without privileges, asks Olivia Mottershead of St Patrick’s College Campbelltown.

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