July 2013


Two new novices welcomed

Two young women were received as novices with the Good Samaritan Sisters during a ceremony last month in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Human rights president a guest of Good Sams

Are you concerned about refugees and asylum seekers? Are you able to separate the facts from the myths?

Musings of a Leader

The wisdom of St Benedict for leaders

Is the achievement of leadership in any sphere about warfare and a battle? Is this the only way people can become leaders in our society, asks Good Samaritan Sister, Clare Condon.


Universal and enduring power of story

Our need to engage with story is universal and enduring, and in essence, it is the medium that changes, rather than the message, writes Monica Dutton.


Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate

I’m so grateful that there are places out there for women like me, who find themselves in a situation you’d never have believed you’d be in, writes Tamara.


Finding beauty and grace in prisons

Good Samaritan Sister, Mary O’Shannassy has worked in prison chaplaincy for 19 years. “The men tell me I’ve got life without parole,” she laughs.

Faith in the Ordinary

How do we pass on our faith to young people?

How can we pass on our Catholic spiritual heritage to young people and nurture their faith and spiritual life, asks Virginia Ryan.

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