July 2016


National award for Japanese sister’s overseas service

Sister Hiro Kageyama, who, in 1957 became the first Japanese woman to be professed as a Sister of the Good Samaritan, has been honoured by her home country with an award recognising her many years of overseas service for people in need, especially in the Philippines.

26th chapter gathering set for September 2017

The Sisters of the Good Samaritan have formally commenced a 15-month discernment process which will culminate in their 26th chapter gathering in September 2017.

Musings of a Leader

“So much sadness and tragedy in the world”

Who amongst our world leaders has the capacity and the skill to engage in a long-term healing process for a wounded world, especially in the Middle East, asks Good Samaritan Sister Clare Condon.


Hear the voters: growing inequality matters

Across the western world, people are revolting against political and economic systems which are demonstrably unfair and which polarise rich and poor. Redemptorist Father Bruce Duncan looks at growing inequality in the US and elsewhere, and how neoliberal philosophy influenced the 2016 Federal election in Australia.


Lost battles of the Christian churches

How do the Christian churches effectively counter such marketplace-driven ideas as assisted suicide, asks Garry Everett.

Diversity saves us from bland, monochrome world

“Thank God you’re here, I’m surrounded by NLUs!” A friend related the story of being greeted this way when she had joined a tourist group of Australians visiting another country, writes Moira Byrne Garton.

Faith in the Ordinary

A still point in my changing world

“At the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam I met Rembrandt’s mother, and brought her home packaged in a cardboard tube – my souvenir of two days in Holland. Decades later she sits in solitary splendour on my bedroom wall,” writes Judith Lynch.

What does stability look like in communities?

We can create relationships of stability and hope in fragmenting and fractious times by recognising “the call of the moment and responding to it”, says Good Samaritan Sister Pam Grey.

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