June 2013


Accessible nursing education for remote students

A new e-learning hospital will help to boost the number of Aboriginal graduate nurses in remote areas and improve health outcomes for their communities, says Good Samaritan Sister, Jennifer Farrell.

Bringing music to others

Former Lourdes Hill College student, Stephanie Unger has taken her life as a Christian singer-songwriter and educator to a new level, launching Pray, her first professionally recorded CD – an experience she says felt like “coming home”.

Service to Aboriginal communities recognised

Good Samaritan Sister, Val Deakin, is one of 582 Australians who were recognised in this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours list.

Musings of a Leader

Ugly populism has won the day

People who seek asylum are not ‘illegals’. They are human beings, just like you and me, writes Good Samaritan Sister, Clare Condon.


Refugees: the people behind the label

The issue of refugees is a divisive one in Australia. Debate is fierce. Opinions are loud. Policies change quickly. Pretty soon you can feel adrift in a sea of soundbites. And what of the refugees themselves?


A call for Vatican III to eradicate sexual abuse

There are only two forces in the Church that have the authority to make the changes necessary to banish sexual abuse: the Pope and an Ecumenical Council, writes Bishop Geoffrey Robinson.


A life of ongoing conversion

While Penny Carroll’s experience of faith began in her childhood, she says it was a tragedy in her life that really led her to encounter God, writes Debra Vermeer.

Faith in the Ordinary

The spirituality of welcoming

Perhaps we human beings trip ourselves up when we try to get ahead of God and judge who are worthy of welcome or not, writes Pam Grey SGS.

Being Just Neighbours

War and peace within and beyond

Good Samaritan Sister, Patty Fawkner, reflects on a book that “expounds a profound teaching on peace-making that is as applicable to interpersonal tussles as it is to any global hostility”.

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