June 2014


Young Pacific leaders call on Australia for support

Sister Geraldine Kearney is a passionate campaigner for the rights of Pacific nations vulnerable to climate change. But a recent visit to Canberra to lobby Australian politicians has made her “more determined to be part of their ongoing struggle”.

Celebrating 100 years in Port Fairy

A celebration was held last month to acknowledge the century-long contribution of the Good Samaritan Sisters to the community of Port Fairy in south-western Victoria.

Musings of a Leader

Will you help restore hope?

Upholding the basic human rights of asylum seekers and refugees calls for concerted action from all Australians who believe in a just and compassionate society says, Good Samaritan Sister, Clare Condon.


Permissable victims

Permissible victims are defined as those whose life and dignity is violated with very little notice, outrage or public protest, writes Good Samaritan Sister, Patty Fawkner.


Where angels fear to tread

One of the significant and pressing pastoral theological issues currently dividing opinion among the hierarchy and among the laity of the Church, is the issue of divorced and remarried Catholics, and their access to eucharist, writes Garry Everett.


A ‘Martha’ ministry

Good Samaritan Sister, Elizabeth Delaney, sees her ministry as being a ‘Martha’ ministry, one of service, and one that has the potential to see justice served and broken lives restored.

Faith in the Ordinary

A pilgrim reflects

Good Samaritan schools are built on a solid foundation of Benedictine values, witnessed by the practical energy and action of the Good Samaritan Sisters, writes Mark Askew.

Being Just Neighbours

Nothing to fear from refugees and asylum seekers

Thirty years from now, an Australian prime minister will rise in the parliament and offer an apology to refugees and asylum seekers and their families for the damage that is being done to them today, says Phil Glendenning.

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