March 2013


Reaction to the election of Pope Francis

Following the election last week of Pope Francis, the Roman Catholic Church’s 266th pontiff, “The Good Oil” canvassed some of its writers and readers for their reaction. We’d love to hear what you think. Why not post a comment?

Celebrating many cultures at St Pat’s

Over 600 people are expected to attend POLYNITE next month, St Patrick’s College Campbelltown’s biennial celebration of the many cultures represented in the school community.

Musings of a Leader

A ‘fair go’, inclusion and dignity for all

To our shame, racial and ethnic discrimination occur on a daily basis here in Australia. Such racism and intolerance take many forms, writes Clare Condon SGS.


My alleluia gum tree

In the spot where a front fence would be if we had one, stands a towering ghost gum. This beautiful tree, written in God’s sign language, has been my Lenten prayer, writes Judith Lynch.


If only…

Garry Everett offers a fictitious and imaginary account of the new pope’s first speech to the cardinals, in the conclave, immediately after his election. (This was written before Pope Francis was elected.)


A simple ministry of presence and hospitality

A year in ministry at Santa Teresa, near Alice Springs, has been a steep learning curve for Good Samaritan Sister, Anita Brennan.

Faith in the Ordinary

Who are you looking for?

Where is God in the mess and madness of my family, our Church and the world? There are many times when I’ve stood beside the tomb weeping; looking for God, writes Virginia Ryan.

Being Just Neighbours

Difference: No barrier to harmony

Outside a lepers’ colony in Navi Mumbai, India, is a small chapel. The diversity that exists amongst its visitors is what makes the chapel such a special place, writes Ashleigh Green.

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