March 2015


A new book for all who are seeking God

Over many years Good Samaritan Sister Margaret Malone has presented lectures, written articles and given retreats on the Rule of Saint Benedict and its relevance for contemporary living. Recently she published a selection of articles from that substantial body of work.

Good Samaritan Housing begins a new phase

The Good Samaritan Sisters’ Brisbane-based supported housing program for vulnerable women and their children has recently reopened, entering a new phase in its development.

Scholarships offer life-changing opportunities

When the Good Samaritan Foundation’s Scholarship Program was launched in late 2013, one student was awarded a scholarship. A year later, interest in and support of the program has meant that seven more students have received scholarships from the Foundation.

Musings of a Leader

Can I forgive 70 x 7?

Perhaps one of the most important tasks during Lent is to attend to my heart and to free it from past resentments, hatreds or revenge and to seek a freedom from anything that limits or inhibits a liberated spirit, says Good Samaritan Sister Clare Condon.


Leading by flipping the omelette

Pope Francis’ leadership differs markedly from that of his predecessors. He models two clear principles that our political leaders and, in fact all of us who lead in some capacity, would do well to emulate, writes Good Samaritan Sister Patty Fawkner.


A personal story of child sexual abuse in the Church

“It hasn’t been easy since I spoke to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse,” writes Gayle. “There have been tears, nightmares, and profound grief. However there has also been a lightness of spirit.”


Following her passions and making a positive impact

As Catherine Cresswell explored the works and ministries of the Good Samaritan Sisters before applying for the position of Executive Director with the Good Samaritan Foundation, she began to feel at home.

Faith in the Ordinary

Busyness: a modern-day affliction?

It seems there are different sides to being busy that can make it both a good thing that can drive achievement, and a bad thing that can have negative effects on one’s own well-being, writes Asther Bascuna-Creo.

Being Just Neighbours

About children

In our time how can we place children front and centre of our concern? How can we make them visible, particularly if government and society seem no longer drawn to special kindness towards them, asks Good Samaritan Sister Pam Grey.

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