May 2014


I-Kiribati sister makes lifelong commitment

Sister Kakare Biita recently became the second I-Kiribati woman to make her lifelong commitment as a Sister of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict.

“Jericho Journeys” hits the road

The Sisters of the Good Samaritan have launched a new spirituality outreach project targeting rural Australian communities where Good Samaritan Sisters once lived and ministered. It’s called “Jericho Journeys”.

Musings of a Leader

On making commitments

Good Samaritan Sister, Clare Condon, says her congregation’s recent assembly highlighted for her the power of a single voice and the importance of networking together.


Walking the talk: empowering indigenous students

In this SPECIAL FEATURE, which includes a photo gallery, Debra Vermeer explores how Good Samaritan Colleges in Australia are providing educational environments that nurture indigenous students and empower them to realise their goals.


Signs of hope in our Church and world?

When asked to name signs of hope in our Church and world, Good Samaritan Sister, Mary McDonald, saw very few in the Church, besides the “Francis factor”. So she began anew to seek them out.

Faith in the Ordinary

Struggling with the “genuine vs fake” religious debate

After struggling with various aspects of Marian theology over the years, along with a number of dubious claims around apparitions and healings, I found myself to be a somewhat reluctant starter for the visit to Meryemana, writes Monica Dutton.

Being Just Neighbours

Enough of institutionalised cruelty say Oz Bishops

Australia’s Catholic Bishops have made an urgent plea for a respect for the rights of asylum seekers, not only in Government circles but in the Australian community more broadly.

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