May 2015


Goods Sams celebrate 25 years in the Philippines

The Good Samaritan Sisters’ foundation in Bacolod City, the Philippines is proof that from little things, big things can grow.

Sister Rita fondly farewells Timor

After 15 years living and ministering in Timor Leste, Good Samaritan Sister Rita Hayes returned to Australia last week. Once she’s had “a good break”, Rita, 76, plans to begin a new ministry supporting asylum seekers and refugees in western Sydney.

New directors get on board

The annual induction day for newly-appointed directors of Good Samaritan Colleges was held in Sydney last week, and for the first time, it included new directors of two other entities associated with the Sisters of the Good Samaritan.

Musings of a Leader

Respecting difference and overcoming division

Difference can bring about healing and grace rather than division, even when such difference can be the source of many questions, anxiety and hurt, writes Good Samaritan Sister Clare Condon.


What would Jesus do?

Tess Corkish explores why she thinks Jesus would be an environmental activist and how her activism is the embodiment of her faith.

For whom the Angelus bell tolls

Before we begin the ringing of new bells for prayer, we must listen to hear if they are already being rung, writes Alice Priest.

Being Just Neighbours

“I never thought this could happen to me”

When I meet someone affected by the lottery of life, how do I look after them? And what is the most caring way to respond to the question, “why did this happen to me?” asks Moira Byrne-Garton.

Where do you, or will you, push?

Good Samaritan Sister Mary McDonald echoes the advice of Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister: “To change a policy or practice, join a group that is committed to the same issue. Then, with everyone else, push”.

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