November 2012


Good Sam partnership gathering set for October 2013

A gathering of people closely associated with the Good Samaritan Sisters will be held in Sydney in October 2013.

Bulimba and beyond raise $15,000 for Foundation

A Melbourne Cup fundraising luncheon held in Brisbane earlier this month raised over $15,000 for the Good Sams Foundation, which supports outreach projects operated by the Good Samaritan Sisters throughout Australia and overseas.

Musings of a Leader

Excising mainland like a Monty Python sketch

It is time to restore sanity, good policy and civility to the decision-making processes in regard to the treatment of those who seek asylum and refuge in our country, writes Clare Condon SGS.


Hildegard: a woman for women and men of our times

Hildegard of Bingen challenges us to know our task and live it out truthfully in accord with justice, rather than being swayed by popular trends or blind adherence to institutions, writes Carmel Posa SGS.


On faith, doubt and certainty

What role do certainty and doubt play within a mature, adult faith and in one’s allegiance to the Church, asks Patty Fawkner SGS.


The “defining” influences of animals and Good Sams

Looking back on her life, Bern Nicholls can identify many people and experiences that have influenced her. But she recognises two “defining” influences: her animals and the Good Samaritan Sisters.

Faith in the Ordinary

“I’ve struggled with Advent in recent years”

This Advent, in this Year of Grace, I can feel God’s grace stirring within. I feel stronger, more at peace, writes Debra Vermeer.

Being Just Neighbours

Challenging gender stereotypes at school

White Ribbon Day on November 25 presents a catalyst for boys’ schools to take on the challenge of raising issues about the treatment of women, writes Joe Zavone.

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