November 2015


Doing their bit to give hope to asylum seekers

While the future for many asylum seekers in Australia seems disturbingly bleak, a number of Good Samaritan Sisters and Oblates are doing what they can in their own neighbourhoods, offering support, friendship and hope.

New Good Samaritan Oblates welcomed

Three women from different backgrounds and life situations formalised their commitment as Good Samaritan Oblates on Sunday, November 15, giving public expression to their desire to continue more deeply on the shared path of living Good Samaritan Benedictine spirituality.

Musings of a Leader

To dehumanise another is to dehumanise oneself

How can this cruelty, hatred and violence be stopped? How can human dignity be restored across the globe? What can each of us do to build societies of respect, tolerance, understanding and peace, asks Good Samaritan Sister Clare Condon.


The Year of Consecrated Life: why this, why now?

As the Year of Consecrated Life comes to an end, Good Samaritan Sister Catherine McCahill reflects on its meaning for her, and for religious more generally.


What do Pope Francis, Thomas Merton and Graham Greene have in common?

Like Pope Francis, Thomas Merton and Graham Greene were individuals whose sheer complexity equipped them to address the often contradictory world we live in, in order to find God in it, writes Joanna Thyer.


Thinking globally, acting locally at 15

Fifteen-year-old Mater Christi College student Caitlin MacDonald attributes her passion for environmental advocacy to a few significant influences: growing up on the land, support from her parents and being exposed to opportunities at school.

Faith in the Ordinary

Life as it happens

When, as is so inelegantly said, ‘life sucks’, it’s tempting to lose heart, to indulge in a spell of self-pity, to feel depressed, writes Judith Lynch.

Being Just Neighbours

Why I’ll be marching

On the weekend before world leaders gather in Paris for the UN climate summit, millions of people will gather in cities throughout the world and march together for global action on climate change. Good Samaritan Sister Veronica Quinn is one of those who’ll be marching.

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