October 2013


An award that “means everything”

Sydney Harbour, still bustling with a flotilla of tall ships and navy vessels from the International Fleet Review, was the stunning backdrop for the inaugural presentation of the Good Samaritan Foundation Scholarship.

Japan pilgrimage an enriching experience

Students and staff of Good Samaritan Colleges consistently say that immersion experiences enrich them. The recent immersion experience in Japan for staff was no exception.

Energy and commitment hallmarks of gathering

They came from nearly every state and territory in Australia, and internationally, from the Philippines. Their life experiences varied, as did their ages. But they all came together with a common focus – a keen interest in the Good Samaritan charism.

Musings of a Leader

Peacemaking starts with us

Our world is in a sad and destructive state. Nation upon nation is in fear of one another. Can true peace ever reign, asks Good Samaritan Sister, Clare Condon.


What Therese and Joe have taught me about love

You can’t love a generic humanity while being indifferent to the family or community member who rubs up against you, writes Good Samaritan Sister, Patty Fawkner.


A light in the Vatican window

Pope Francis alone can’t succeed; he wants the whole Church, all of us, to change in the ways he exhibits, says Garry Everett.

Dying of wounds from a war she never saw

The woman in the pink dress gazed with loving concentration at her baby, urging her, willing her to live, to take another breath, writes Donna Mulhearn.


Fran’s artistic and spiritual legacy

It was only when Good Samaritan Sister, Fran Nolan died that others discovered a treasure trove of her private mandala work, writes Debra Vermeer.

Being Just Neighbours

One generation of educated girls is a revolution

I realised anew that day the power of education, not just in the life of one individual girl, but to break entire cycles of poverty, writes Melinda Tankard Reist.

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