October 2015


Religious leaders hold urgent meeting about refugees

Sister Clare Condon was one of 50-plus religious leaders who met with Federal parliamentarians last week, calling on them to restore Australia’s standing as a compassionate nation by winding back policies negatively impacting on people escaping violence, persecution and death.

Peoples of the Pacific need our support now

Climate change is not some far-away concept for the peoples of the Pacific; it’s impacting on their lives now and they need our support now. That was the resounding message at a recent seminar in Sydney which focussed on the serious situation facing many Pacific Island nations.

Sisters hand over historic Rosebank property

September 14 marked the end of an era for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan when they farewelled their historic Rosebank property in Five Dock, Sydney, after 147 years of continuous presence.

Musings of a Leader

November: a time to “keep your eye on death every day”

Pauline chose not to have invasive treatment, but to live each day to the full and to deal with dying and death in a positive and proactive way as cancer ravaged her body, writes Good Samaritan Sister Clare Condon.


On suffering and God: a response to Stephen Fry

A “burgeoning interest” in cosmology provides Good Samaritan Sister Patty Fawkner with a different ‘take’ on suffering and evil as well as new insights into the mystery of God and our place in the universe.


The Synod and Alice’s New Adventures in Wonderland

The story which follows was inspired by a strange meeting of the absurdist wisdom of Lewis Carroll and my own wondering about three of the many articles about the Synod on the Family in Rome, Pope Francis’ recent visit to the US, and the persistent questions about women in the …

What do Australian Catholics think of Church teaching on sex and family?

What we know of Australian Catholics and their attitudes to reform of Church teaching on sex and family reveals a complex picture, write David Kirchhoffer and Natalie Lindner L’Huillier.


Tending “God’s garden”

In the eight years that Sister Sue Hill has been tending the extensive gardens of the Good Samaritan Sisters’ properties at Pennant Hills and Glebe in Sydney, the trained horticulturalist says she has grown to love her ministry of caring for God’s creation.

Faith in the Ordinary

Are you a “maybe person”?

Have you considered how you might give someone the gift of hope? The gift will exact a price, which is like the treasure you store up in heaven, writes Garry Everett.

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