September 2011


Good Sams gather to discern future directions

From September 25 until October 2, 190 Sisters of the Good Samaritan from various parts of Australia, Kiribati, the Philippines, Japan and Timor Leste will converge on Sydney for their twenty-fifth general chapter gathering.

Cameroon experience confronting but heartening

For Good Samaritan Sister, Anne Dixon, attending an international prison chaplains’ conference in Cameroon last month proved to be a confronting and heartening experience.

Unforgettable experience of universal Church

Students from a number of Good Samaritan Colleges in New South Wales and Victoria recently returned from a three-week pilgrimage to Spain which included World Youth Day activities and the International Benedictine Youth Congress.

Musings of a Leader

Pursuit of peace is a task for all of us

Why is peace so elusive both at a global level and in our personal, one-on-one relationships, asks Clare Condon SGS.


Spirit of Good Sam past key to the future

Benedictine Sister, Joan Chittister, offers some words of wisdom and encouragement to the Sisters of the Good Samaritan as they prepare for their twenty-fifth chapter.


A bit more empathy and a lot less sympathy

The narrative of my disability begins with a single moment. The moment, when my mother realised her weaker and sicker baby was turning over, while her bigger, fatter and seemingly healthier baby was not, writes Georgia Cranko.


An extraordinary woman

Ordinary. That’s the word Good Samaritan Sister, Mary Ronayne, chooses to describe herself. Those who know Mary are amused though not surprised to hear this and are quick to describe her as far from ordinary.

Faith in the Ordinary

On food and faith

There has been a plethora of television programs on food and cooking in recent months and I believe it is possible, if we take the time, to mull on some of this in a faith perspective, says Annette Giltrow SGS.

Being Just Neighbours

Can we be hospitable post September 11?

How can we live the Gospel imperative of being a hospitable people when we have become so wary of the stranger in our midst, asks Veronica McDougall SGS.

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