September 2012


Encouraging connections across the Nullabor

A recent pilgrimage to rural and remote communities in Western Australia where Good Samaritan Sisters minister proved to be a significant experience for the 29 participants, most of whom hailed from eastern Australia.

Mater Dei teacher wins Premier’s scholarship

Rebecca Gibbs, the Primary Co-ordinator at Mater Dei School, Camden, has been awarded a NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarship which will enable her to travel overseas to undertake research and work with leading special education practitioners.

Musings of a Leader

Celebrating the wisdom of older people

It’s good to pause, reflect and celebrate the wisdom and experience older people bring to family, community, Church and society, writes Clare Condon SGS.


A new daybreak in mission

In the evening of John XXIII’s life he bequeathed to us a new dawn: a Church of hope and renewal, a youthful Church about to embark creatively on a new phase in mission, writes John Mansford Prior SVD.

Catholic and Aboriginal ‘listening revolutions’

In times of flux, which can be soil for new growth, Benedict reminds us that the first step is to listen. Yet have we gotten better at listening in the 15 centuries since he died? Have we cultivated a culture that promotes and privileges listening, asks Evan Ellis.


Asylum seekers: no simple solutions

Not everyone is able to experience the world of an asylum seeker as did participants in “Go Back To Where You Came From”. Yet the public make decisions on how to handle asylum seekers whenever they cast their vote in a Federal election, writes Moira Byrne Garton.


A good education vital to Elizabeth’s success

In a highly successful career spanning more than three decades, Elizabeth Proust has been a trailblazer and role model for many women, holding numerous senior management and leadership roles in both government and corporate sectors.

Faith in the Ordinary

The many paths to motherhood

There’s something mysterious, something God-like, about mothering, however it happens, writes Judith Lynch.

Being Just Neighbours

Our challenge

I’m sure that somebody reading this has been affected either directly or indirectly by mental illness. I have. Mental health problems, suicide and attempted suicide have touched my life in so many ways, writes Marie Lunt.

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