September 2016


Port Pirie teachers enriched by Kiribati experience

When South Australian teacher Bridget Kennelly first heard about an opportunity to travel to the remote Pacific island nation of Kiribati with other teachers as part of a social justice outreach experience, she knew she wanted to be part of it.

Exciting developments at Camden conservation site

Ten threatened species have been found on the Good Samaritan Sisters’ Mater Dei site at Camden, NSW, in the first official survey of birds and wildlife since concerted efforts began on the site to conserve the precious tract of Cumberland Plain Woodland.

Musings of a Leader

Love your enemies – within and beyond

Inner enemies such as jealousy, envy, revenge, obsessive guilt, pride, embittered anger can cripple my capacity to reach out to others in a spirit of reconciliation and pardon, writes Good Samaritan Sister Clare Condon.


Keep working on love

This year’s Social Justice Statement from Australia’s Catholic Bishops focuses on the value and dignity of older people. In her address at the launch of the Statement, Good Samaritan Sister Patty Fawkner asked: “what do the elderly of our world teach me for the journey of life?”


About death and dying

One of the biggest gifts we can give one another is to honour and validate someone’s expression of suffering, be it physical, spiritual, emotional or a combination, and not judge or offer solutions about how they feel about it, writes Joanna Thyer.

Paralympics strike different tone to Olympics

The unique challenges of competing in Rio, which so often became the headline during the Olympics, became a footnote in the Paralympics, writes Evan Ellis.


“Dancing with the playful consciousness of God”

Walking down Brunswick Street in inner city Melbourne with self-described “feminist-activist nun” Sister Mary John Mananzan is a unique lesson in the power of culture to shape, to transform, and also to conceal.

Faith in the Ordinary

Pilgrimage: opening ourselves to a new energy

The greatest awakening of my World Youth Day pilgrimage took place when I got back home, writes Ashleigh Green.

Being Just Neighbours

To be a pebble in the shoe of people with power

Labour exploitation in Australia is a massive problem and becoming worse. And it’s not like our parliamentarians are unaware of the facts, writes Good Samaritan Sister Sarah Puls.

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