Leave the empty tomb behind

In the garden (Photo credit: Pam Grey SGS)

A poem for Easter week from Good Samaritan Sister Pam Grey.

BY Pam Grey SGS*

Mary, of the once shattered soul
made whole by the Master,
goes bravely to his tomb.

It is early
on the first day of the week,
still dark.

“Where have you put him?”
she demands of the gardener.

She hears a simple sound
spoken softly – “Mary”.

“I call you Mary.
You are mine.
No need to cling now.

Just let your questions
fade away
and leave this empty tomb behind,

And follow me
to the Father’s heart,
to my Father and your Father…

…Now go to our friends,
trusting the truth of your message,
trusting the power of Sophia
working through you.”

So Mary hastened
and proclaimed –
“I have seen the Lord,
and he has said these things to me!”

Friends, let us listen
for the voice of the Lord calling to us,
showing us the way of life.

* Melbourne-based Good Samaritan Sister Pam Grey is a writer and poet. She also volunteers as a home tutor for newcomers to Australia who need language and resettlement support.

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The Good Oil, April 18, 2017. If you would like to republish this article, please contact the editor.

5 Responses to “Leave the empty tomb behind”

  1. Kerri Olson says:

    Thanks Pam. This beautiful poem touches the Spirit within which calls out “He is Risen”

  2. Cathy Jones says:

    Pam, thank you for your poetry as it deepens my relationship with our God and helps me to remain faithful to God’s call for me. I have been fortunate to have prayed with this poem and the poem you wrote for Chapter.
    Easter Blessings
    Cathy (Ponton) Jones

  3. Thanks Pam. I appreciate your poetic version of the Easter dawn. And I love your call for us to listen.

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