Survey results: thanks for your feedback

In early April, all subscribers of The Good Oil, the free, monthly e-magazine of the Good Samaritan Sisters, were invited to participate in an online survey which asked readers to consider the pros and cons of The Good Oil and how the publication could be improved. The survey was open for two weeks from April 9 to 24.

We are most grateful to those subscribers (11.67%) who completed The Good Oil’s first reader survey. Your invaluable feedback will help us to continue publishing content that is relevant to your needs and interests.

We’re still analysing and reflecting on what you had to say, and looking at ways to incorporate the recommendations that you made. So keep watching this space.

In the meantime, we at The Good Oil will continue to work hard to keep you informed of the life and mission of the Good Samaritan Sisters, their colleagues, partners in ministry and friends. And of course, we’ll endeavour to remain faithful to our mission: “to nourish your spirit, stimulate your thinking and encourage reflection and dialogue about issues of the day from a Christian, Catholic, Good Samaritan perspective”.

If you missed the survey or would like to offer further feedback, please email or leave a comment below.

To give you an insight into the survey results, we’re publishing the percentage statistics for closed-ended questions posed in the survey.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide us with feedback.

Closed-ended questions from The Good Oil Reader Survey (April 9-24, 2013)

What is your gender?
•    Male  (17.24%)
•    Female  (82.76%)

What is your age category?
•    Under 17  (0%)
•    18-24  (0.34%)
•    25-29  (0.34%)
•    30-40  (3.10%)
•    41-50  (9.31%)
•    51-64  (33.79%)
•    65-75  (38.28%)
•    Over 76  (14.83%)

Which option best describes you?
•    Good Samaritan Sister  (25.61%)
•    Good Samaritan Oblate or Associate  (4.84%)
•    Friend or relative of the Good Samaritan Sisters  (22.84%)
•    Colleague of the Good Samaritan Sisters  (9%)
•    Current student of a Good Samaritan College (0.69%)
•    Former student of a Good Samaritan College (10.38%)
•    Member of another religious congregation (10.73%)
•    Other (23.53%)

How often do you think The Good Oil should be published?
•    Monthly (as it currently is) (89.36%)
•    Twice a month (with fewer articles in each edition) (8.16%)
•    Weekly (with fewer articles in each edition) (1.77%)
•    Other (0.71%)

How much of The Good Oil do you usually read?
•    I read all articles (32.17%)
•    I read most articles (44.76%)
•    I read a few articles (20.28%)
•    I skim most articles (2.45%)
•    I don’t read any articles (0.35%)

What do you think about the number of articles in each edition of The Good Oil?
•    The number of articles in each edition is just right (88.39%)
•    There are too many articles (9.74%)
•    There are not enough articles (1.87%)

What do you think about the length of articles in The Good Oil?
•    I think the length of articles in each edition is just right (97.41%)
•    I think articles are too long (1.85%)
•    I think articles are too short (0.74%)

What sections of The Good Oil interest you most? (you can select more than one option)
•    News about life in the Good Samaritan network (55.80%)
•    Feature articles (75%)
•    Profiles on people (60.14%)
•    Opinion articles (53.99%)
•    “Musings of a Leader” column (70.29%)
•    “Faith in the Ordinary” column (57.97%)
•    “Being Just Neighbours” column (36.96%)
•    What’s On (25.36%)

What is your overall assessment of The Good Oil?
•    Excellent (32.73%)
•    Very good (58.63%)
•    Good (7.91%)
•    Fair (0.72%)
•    Poor (0%)

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The Good Oil, May 21, 2013. If you would like to republish this article, please contact the editor.

2 Responses to “Survey results: thanks for your feedback”

  1. Joe says:

    I agree with Una. However I was disappointed that such a small percentage of subscribers took the time to respond to the survey. I really thought readers of The Good Oil would have appreciated the opportunity to give feedback (positive or negative) to the editor on her publication. Looks like I was wrong. But then maybe nearly 12% response is a good result in this IT age.

  2. Una says:

    I think it is very gratifying to see that the overall assessment of the magazine is so positive. and that such a high percentage of the readers highly score so many aspects of it. I congratulate Stephanie on her great efforts to chase articles and writers so diligently that the magazine is of a uniformly high standard. Its great to have such a range of people and topics. Well done, Stephanie.

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