Limited edition art cards of Fran Nolan SGS

GoodSams_cards_poster_lrThe Sisters of the Good Samaritan have gathered some of Sister Fran Nolan’s beautiful mandala designs and produced greeting cards. Don’t miss out on this limited edition release of art cards.

Good Samaritan Sister Frances Nolan (1954-2012) was a gifted artist, an educator, and a lifelong learner. She was known through her ministries in teaching, formation, spiritual direction, retreat work and her care and advocacy for people with a disability and their families. She died of cancer in 2012.

Fran had always dabbled in art, but it was when she was introduced to drawing and painting mandalas that her artistic talents found their ultimate, prayerful expression.

Fran produced many mandalas and found that through the mandala she could express the depths of her own soul. She felt that there was a big difference in making art and using art as a way to pray.

One of her partners in giving art retreats over several years has said:

“Fran’s mandalas, with their circular structure, tapped into a key aspect of Fran’s life and spirituality. Circular designs indicate wholeness and Fran had a sense of wholeness in her life and she kept wanting to express that in the circle and wanting to communicate with others. Fran conveyed through her art work a great sense of being drawn into God, and drawn into Oneness”.

Read more about Fran’s life here.

Limited Edition Art Cards: Series 1
Knowing that Fran used the mandala as a way of praying in her life, and particularly during her final illness, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan have gathered some of her many mandala designs and produced greeting cards. It is their hope that by sharing Fran’s work with others, many more people will be led deeper to find meaning and hope as she did.

The Limited Edition Series 1 Art Cards of Sister Fran Nolan SGS contains 12 mandala designs. They are available as:

  • a gift box set ($38 plus postage and handling)
  • a flat pack set ($32 plus postage and handling)
  • individual cards ($4.50 plus postage and handling)

To view the individual card designs download a poster here

Download an order form here

For more information email:

2 Responses to “Limited edition art cards of Fran Nolan SGS”

  1. Louise Dafter says:

    So many things we are still to learn about ourselves and those we knew. I will certainly purchase these with fond memories of Fran in mind and of the wonderful work she tirelessly did throughout her life.
    Thank you.

  2. monica brown says:

    What a beautiful thing you have done in honouring Fran’s creativity and spirituality.
    Thank you for making these available.
    I will happily purchase these as CHristmas gifts,
    Monica Brown

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