May 2016

Restoring an endangered ecological community

Debra Vermeer recently visited the Good Samaritan Sisters’ Wivenhoe Conservation Project at Camden on Sydney’s southern outskirts, where she witnessed some of the “ground-breaking” work underway to restore the endangered Cumberland Woodland ecosystem.

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Sister Annette’s outback ministry honoured

Sister Annette Dever has been honoured for her service to the remote WA communities of Leonora, Leinster and Laverton.

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Jasmine's "very big heart for the poor"

Thanks to the efforts of a Year 8 student from Mount St Benedict College in Sydney, the Good Samaritan Kinder School, which supports children from one of the poorest areas...

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Good Samaritan Education invited to host BENET 2019

Good Samaritan Education has been invited to host the next international conference of the Benedictine Educators Network (BeNet) in Sydney in 2019.

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Is there a place for solitude in our world today?

“I say that I need and desire solitude, but do I really? I know that I resist solitude and when I have the opportunity, do I know what to do...

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De-identifying asylum seekers isn’t always about protection

De-identifying asylum seekers isn’t always about protection

“In Australia, conversation about people who seek asylum often feels disconnected from the people – the real flesh and blood people – whose lives are most affected. The reasons for...

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Alternative policies urgently needed now

Australia’s refugee and asylum seeker policies are like an infected sore eating away at the fabric of society, says Good Samaritan Sister Clare Condon.

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The wonderful mystery of conversion of life

The wonderful mystery of conversion of life

“Not conscious that you have been seeking suddenly you come upon it,” wrote the Welsh poet R.S. Thomas in his poem “Arrival”. Has this ever been your experience, asks Good...

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