March 2017

Surrendering our sense of seasonality

There are times to plant, harvest and also a time to down tools all together.

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Good Samaritan Sisters launch young writers’ award

Secondary students and post-school young adults invited to enter young writers’ award.

Tags: News

Are you buying slavery-free products?

Shine a light on the supply chain of many of the goods that we buy.

Tags: News

The pattern of all life

What do these words, Paschal Mystery, mean? What do they communicate?

Tags: Feature

Feel the pain, heal the damage

Our Church has to face nothing less than the reality of major surgery.

Tags: Opinion

Pilgrimage in everyday life

Pilgrimage can be undertaken anywhere, any day, says Donna Mulhearn.

Tags: Faith in the Ordinary

Integrity and its opposite – hypocrisy

Has longevity of an institution anything to do with integrity?

Tags: Musings of a Leader

Small kindnesses from many

Alison Brook explains why she’s a big fan of Neighbour Day.

Tags: Being Just Neighbours

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