December 2017

Who is welcome at our inn?

As the Christmas season approaches, we are challenged to ask ourselves once again who is welcome at our inn. Who do we open our hearts, our homes, our communities and our country to, asks Monica Dutton.

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New partnership in Kiribati to begin in 2018

The Good Samaritan Sisters will be forging a new partnership early next year when Brenda Keenan becomes the first person to take up a two-year placement with the Sisters in...

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World oblate congress rich experience for Good Sam delegates

The Good Samaritan Sisters were represented at an international conference in Rome last month which explored what it means to be a Benedictine Oblate in the 21st century.

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TGO’s big and small screen picks for summer

Some of “The Good Oil’s” writers and readers offer their big and small screen picks for the summer season – viewing they think will engage your mind and nourish your...

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Meet Marella, Veronica, Meg and Catherine

Meet the four Council members who will assist and advise Sister Patty Fawkner in her role as Congregational Leader until 2023.

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Are we “honourable people”?

Why do the majority of Australians support a Government policy that is illegal, cruel, inflicted on hapless people and contrary to international conventions that we have voluntarily signed, asks Sister...

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Sr Patty Fawkner SGS

Of Maya and Mary

When we see the images of Mary and her child this Christmas, may we pause and think of Maya and the countless victims of sexual exploitation, writes Sister Patty Fawkner.

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A matter of perspective

“Goes forth a cry in the wasteland, full-throated, determined, forceful rippling down the aeons of time… ‘Prepare the way of the Lord!’,” writes Sister Marie Casamento.

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Why am I so harried with thoughts?

“Remember, this is your world, you can no longer be ignorant like a sleeping innocent baby”, “be the difference”, “reach out each day to be The Way”, writes Colleen Keating.

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