March 2020

Jean Vanier abuse reveals patriarchy and pedestals are a toxic combination

For decades Jean Vanier was seen as a ‘spiritual superstar’. On learning of his abusive relationships with women, my response was one of disillusion and overarching sadness, writes Patty Fawkner. I remember when I met Jean Vanier. I attended a public lecture he gave at Sancta Sophia College within the

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Answering God’s call to religious life, married life and lay leadership

My life has been a series of ‘calls’. I felt called to religious life, called to married life and called to oblate life as a Pastoral Leader, writes Cathy Jones....

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A shared charism brings Good Samaritans across the world together

Relationship is what life is all about. Late last year, I was given a valuable gift of a new relationship with the Good Samaritan Sisters, Uganda, writes Veronica McCluskie SGS....

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Cures for the deep eco-blues as we grieve for our Earth

This year, my annual break turned from azure sky and aquamarine sea to a much more sinister shade of the blues, writes Alice Priest. It’s been raining without stopping for...

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A close shave – hair today, gone for a good cause

The buzz of an electric shaver accompanied by the sound of applause and peals of laughter filled the Congregational Centre of the Good Samaritan Sisters in Glebe on March 6...


Community pays tribute to Indigenous Elder Aunty Joan Hendricks

The Good Samaritan community was saddened to learn of the death of Aunty Joan Hendriks in January this year. Aunty Joan had a long association with Lourdes Hill College at...


St Patrick’s College for Girls celebrates 180th anniversary year

This year marks the 180th year in which the school community known as St Patrick’s has delivered quality education to many generations in the Campbelltown area in New South Wales....


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