June 2021

Advocating for a consistent ethic of life is not limited to abortion

I am proud to name myself as a feminist. Yet, I part ways with the greater majority of feminists on the issue of abortion, writes Congregational Leader Patty Fawkner SGS.

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When being neighbour is opening our doors and hearts to strangers

Rosemary Kariuki is on a mission to empower migrant women, enticing them from a culture of silos, exposing them to new ideas, experiences and the wider community, writes Dan McAloon.

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Overflowing life – all creation is a mirror of God

During my 70 years of religious life since my First Profession as a Good Samaritan Sister, several wonderful experiences have been mine, but two stand out, writes Jacinta Shailer SGS.

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After decades of social activism, Jill remains committed to eco-justice advocacy

Jill Finnane retired recently from her role as Eco-Justice Program Coordinator and Pacific Calling Partnership Coordinator for the Edmund Rice Centre. She spoke to Debra Vermeer about her eco-justice work.

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Enlightening presentations help to establish Kiribati Connections

A presentation on the life and culture of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati by two I-Kiribati Sisters of the Good Samaritan had a big impact on those who attended.


St Brendan’s community is hands-on in caring for the environment

The students at St Brendan’s Catholic School in the town of Coragulac in south-western Victoria are getting plenty of runs on the board when it comes to hands-on environmental sustainability.


St Monica’s College forms deep bond with Bacolod community

In November 2019, St Monica’s College, Epping sent the first group to the school’s Philippines Immersion Experience in Bacolod where the people welcomed us with open arms, writes Lynton Martin.


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