August 2021

We become the stories we tell ourselves

I cannot control what others think about me or their expectations of me, but I can control my attitude and how I choose to be, writes Congregational Leader Patty Fawkner.

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The rescue mission that captivated the world

The Good Samaritan theme of ‘being neighbour’ runs strongly throughout a new film about the largest international cave rescue mission in history. The director, Tom Waller, spoke to Debra Vermeer.

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Spirit engenders a desire to deepen our relationships of connection and belonging

Chapter 50 of the Rule of Benedict, written to address the circumstances when the whole community could not gather for prayer, has particular resonance for our times, writes Natalie Acton.

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Fly me to the Moon

My journey to the Moon began many moons ago, many, many moons! I remember Frank Sinatra crooning this tune and flew to the Moon with him, writes Mary McDonald.

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Samantha’s ‘Cook 2 Connect’ fundraiser a recipe for success

When Sydney’s extended COVID-19 lockdown dashed the plans of Year 9 student Samantha Cherry to volunteer with Jesuit Refugee Service during the recent school holidays, she didn’t miss a beat.


Applications invited for Study and Mentoring (SAM) Program

Since their congregation’s foundation and throughout their 164-year history, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan have been committed to the flourishing of women. The Sisters have educated girls and women...


Called to ‘Be The Voice’ for vulnerable women, men and children

“You wake up at 4am with a flashlight shining in your face and the voice of a guard telling you to pack a bag and get moving. There’s no warning”


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