The Sisters of The Good Samaritan - Safeguarding of Children, Young People and Adults at Risk

Committed to the Work of God

For those who live by the Rule of St Benedict, the Work of God (Opus Dei) is essentially the Divine Liturgy, the prayer of the community. As Sisters of the Good Samaritan, this is our first ‘work’; all else flows from it, and is energised by it.

Of course, for all Christians, prayer is an essential component of a gospel life. For Benedictines, however, daily, communal liturgical prayer is central to their commitment. They pray together because that is their work.

As Sisters of the Good Samaritan, we gather for community prayer, usually morning and evening, because that is our commitment.

As we pray we are changed; we become what we pray. We are impelled to discipleship, to be neighbour. We learn to notice those who are battered and bruised, those left by the side of the road – physically, emotionally or spiritually. We discover new energy for ecological conversion, we know our oneness with all creation.