The Sisters of The Good Samaritan - Safeguarding of Children, Young People and Adults at Risk

Good Samaritan Benedictine Spirituality

A communal way of life

The spirituality of the Good Samaritan Sisters is a spirituality of the twenty-first century.

It is a spirituality concerned with seeking God in prayer, relationships, creation and the common good. It is a way of life.

Lectio Divina – praying with God’s Word

The Sisters commit themselves each day to praying with God’s Word, the scriptures.  In the daily task of listening, waiting and praying, they seek to find the God who has called them in love.They know that this daily commitment will change them as they hear God’s voice and God’s call to respond to all of creation with compassion.

How do I ‘do’ Lectio?

LECTIO Read the Gospel passage. Do this a few times, slowly, silently….
MEDITATIO Meditate or ponder a word or a phrase that stands out for you. What is it saying to you? How is that connected to your life?

Pray. Ask yourself “what is the message here for me?” Ponder the answer for some time. This can be a good time to talk to God and ask what it is that God wants you to hear about you and your life at this time. Is there an invitation here?

CONTEMPLATIO Contemplate. Sometimes this message will stay in your heart or head for some time. Pray the word. Carry it around with you and live it out.