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Sister’s story captures Minister’s attention

Sister Mary-Lynne Cochrane has accepted countless invitations in the last few years to speak publicly about her experience living with chronic pain. Last month she received an invitation she couldn’t...

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Schools keen to re-connect with their Good Sam history

A group of former Good Samaritan schools is seeking to explore new ways of honouring their schools’ tradition and heritage through a partnership with Good Samaritan Education.

Tags: News

From strangers to cousins

It shouldn’t be a shock to see a Catholic school girl from Pymble share a meal with Muslim school girls from Prestons. But it is, writes Ashleigh Green.

Tags: Feature

“People teach you so much if you just sit still for a minute”

When Sister Kath Bourke entered the Good Samaritan Sisters she envisaged life as a teacher, but instead, decades of accompanying people with disability has shown Kath that she is the...

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High school prophets

Despite how scandal-ridden the Church is in Australia and throughout the Western world, Beth Doherty sees signs of hope from unexpected sources. But will we listen to them, she asks.

Tags: Opinion

Silence is golden - and it also kills

Will we be loyal to the silence or will we interrupt the silence that has left many Catholics feeling disenfranchised within their own Church, asks Sister Patty Fawkner.

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