The Good Samaritan Sisters’ Archives contain the records generated by the Sisters and institutions, such as schools, orphanages, women’s refuges and homes for the aged and disadvantaged, for which the Sisters were and are responsible in Australia, Japan, Kiribati and Philippines.


These holdings include:

  • in-house documents from the administrative offices of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan;
  • documents relating to institutions for which the Sisters of the Good Samaritan are responsible;
  • admission registers and other documents relating to:
    • Pitt Street Women’s Refuge Sydney (House of the Good Shepherd), 1857-1901;
    • Parramatta Roman Catholic Orphan School, 1877-1886;
    • Manly Industrial School/Orphanage, 1881-1910;
    • St Magdalen’s Retreat, Tempe, Arncliffe, 1887-1989;
    • Buckingham Street, St Magdalen’s Refuge, 1903-1946;
    • Good Samaritan Teachers’ Training College, 1905-1983;
    • Mater Dei Orphanage, Narellan, 1910-1958;
    • Crystal Brook Orphanage/Shelter, SA, 1940-1979.
  • photographs, films, slides, videos, memorabilia relating to the above;
  • theses and private publication of Good Samaritan Sisters.

Contacting the Archives

Mail: PO Box 1076 Glebe Point NSW 2037 Australia