Safeguarding – taking proactive action towards the safety and well-being of children and adults.


Acknowledgement of Survivors and Victims

We acknowledge the lifelong trauma of abuse victims, survivors and their families. Any failures of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan to protect, believe and respond justly, betrayed children’s trust and that of the community. We commit to creating an environment of respect and safety for all, especially children and adults at risk.

Statement of Commitment

The Sisters of the Good Samaritan (SGS) recognise that integrity in ministry is at the heart of the call to seek God who impels us to be neighbour. SGS is committed to creating and maintaining co-operative and harmonious relationships in Good Samaritan communities, with partners in ministry and where SGS is invited to participate in God’s mission. SGS is committed to providing safe environments for children, young people and adults at risk and to restorative justice.

SGS considers the commitment to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults at risk to be at the forefront of their work and decision making. The highest value is placed on taking a child-centred approach to safeguarding; putting the wellbeing and safety of children and adults at risk above any perceived reputational risk to the Congregation. SGS is always mindful of the moral and legal responsibility to maintain the high standards expected by those we serve.

SGS understands that the safeguarding of children and adults at risk is a shared responsibility among all those in the Congregation. SGS is committed to an ongoing and proactive approach to safeguarding and professional standards and encourages anybody harmed by the Church to come forward and have their concerns heard.

National Redress Scheme

Reporting Concerns

Internal Church Documents

Support Networks

Safeguarding Policies

National Catholic Safeguarding Standards

Updated Child Protection Legislation


Safeguarding Complaints

If you or someone you know has been harmed or adversely affected by a Sister, employee or volunteer of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan you can contact the Congregation on 02 8752 5314 or use the online form below. We will listen to your concerns with respect, maintain your confidentiality and explain the available options to you.

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