Updated Child Protection Legislation

There have been recent changes to child protection legislation in NSW. As of 01 March 2020 all Clergy and Religious, and anybody engaged by a religious body to undertake child related work, can be subject to an allegation of Reportable Conduct.


Reportable conduct is a child protection scheme in NSW oversighted by the Office for the Children’s Guardian (OCG) that ensures the safety and wellbeing of children. The term ‘Reportable Conduct’ refers to the alleged misconduct of an employee or volunteer within an organisation who holds, or is required to hold, a valid WWCC.

Reportable Conduct is classified as any allegation of the following:

• a sexual offence committed against, with or in the presence of a child

• sexual misconduct with, towards or in the presence of a child

• ill-treatment of a child

• neglect of a child

• physical assault of a child

• Behaviour that causes psychological harm to a child.

• failure to reduce or remove risk of child becoming a victim of child abuse (Crimes Act 1900 s43B)

• concealing a child abuse offence (Crimes Act 1900 s316A)

For more information on the Reportable Conduct Scheme please visit the Office of the Children’s Guardian website.