In an emergency please contact 000 (Australia wide).

If you wish to raise your concern with the Congregation directly please complete the online complaints form here. Alternatively you can access a PDF form here  or if you are a child that feels unsafe and you want us to know, please view our child friendly complaint form here.

Issue or Concern

If you or someone you know has been the victim of abuse or are the victim of another criminal offence, SGS encourages you to contact the police in your State or Territory.
In an emergency please contact 000 (Australia wide).

Non emergency: Phone 131 444 (NSW, ACT, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania) Phone 1800 333 000 Victoria.

If your concern relates to the a child or young person being at risk of significant harm please contact:


Department of Communities and Justice

Phone:  132 111 or visit their website here


Children Youth and Families

Phone: North Division intake: 1300 664 977
Phone: South Division intake: 1300 655 795
Phone: East Division intake: 1300 360 391
Phone: West Division intake – metropolitan: 1300 664 977
Phone: West Division intake – rural and regional: 1800 075 599

Or visit their website here


Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

Phone: Brisbane: 1300 682 254
Phone: South East Queensland: 1300 679 849
Phone: South West Queensland: 1300 683 390
Phone: North Coast: 1300 703 921
Phone: North Queensland: 1300 706 147
Phone: Central Queensland: 1300 703 762
Phone: Far North Queensland: 1300 684 062

Or visit their website here


Child and Youth Protection

Phone: General public line (available 24 hours): 1300 556 729
Phone: Mandated reporters line (available 24 hours): 1300 556 728

Or visit their website here

South Australia

Department for Child Protection

Phone: 13 14 78

Or visit their website here

Western Australia

Department of Communities

Phone: 1800 273 889

Or visit their website here


Department of Communities Tasmania

Phone: 1800 000 123

Or visit their website here

Northern Territory

Phone: 1800 700 250

Or visit their website here

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the safeguarding of children and adults at risk please contact the Congregational Safeguarding Coordinator:

Phone: 02 8752 5314