Sisters gather to focus on future life and mission

Around 140 Good Samaritan Sisters will gather to focus on their future life and mission

Around 140 Good Samaritan Sisters will gather to focus on their future life and mission

Around 140 Sisters of the Good Samaritan from various parts of Australia, Kiribati, the Philippines, Japan and Timor Leste will converge on Sydney from April 22 to 24 for a special assembly to focus on their future life and mission as a religious congregation.

Congregational Leader, Sister Clare Condon, described the assembly as “a consultative gathering, where we listen, we hear one another and we discern”.

The three-day assembly forms part of an ongoing discernment process that began in early 2013 when Clare raised the matter of the congregation’s future life and mission directions with all the sisters.

Communicating to the sisters through a short video in January 2013, Clare outlined the congregation’s “current reality” and posed the question: “How could we best plan for a future as a smaller congregation, and what would our focus in ministry look like?”

As a result of raising these issues, the Sisters engaged in reflection, prayer and conversation; they participated in a survey and agreed to have an assembly of those who could attend during Easter week this year.

Three key areas have been discerned for consideration during the assembly.

“We will discuss our future directions in ministry, developing partnership with others in the future, and our communal way of life as a community of disciples,” Clare told The Good Oil.

For the first time, a representative group of people who work in partnership with the Sisters will participate in the assembly.

“At out Chapter in 2011 we committed ourselves to partnership. We need to keep exploring what this commitment means for us and how we are to implement it. Therefore, we have invited a representative group of partners to engage in the conversation with us,” said Clare.

These 15 individuals will represent the Good Samaritan Oblate movement, Good Samaritan Education (a new ecclesial community which oversights the ten Good Samaritan Colleges), Indigenous ministry, The Good Samaritan Inn (a place of refuge in Melbourne for women and children escaping domestic violence), Mount St Benedict Centre (a spirituality and hospitality centre in Sydney), healthcare consultants, congregational communications, and staff of the congregational offices.

It’s Clare’s hope that the coming assembly will be “a time for listening to one another, to set some guidelines for our way forward, to experience belonging, to accept our current reality with hope, to accept and celebrate our unity in diversity, and to be mutual in our love for one another”.

The assembly will be held from April 22 to 24 at St Scholastica’s, Glebe in Sydney.

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10 Responses to “Sisters gather to focus on future life and mission”

  1. mcarmody says:

    United in prayer with all Sisters at our Assembly. I know the Holy Spirit will be your guide – she always has been. Easter blessings. Much love. Margaret Carmody.x

  2. Diana Law sgs says:

    We started as a small group, empowered by the Spirit to reach out to people who were suppressed and oppressed within our colonial system. The system has evolved but there are new forms of suppression and oppression. It is up to us to have the eyes to see and ears to hear in this approaching Assembly. Then, we can be certain of the same empowerment by the Spirit of the Risen Christ among and within us as we all adjust our focus as Good Samaritan Partners-in Ministry.

  3. kristen says:

    I will be thinking of you all as you gather in Assembly. My prayers and thoughts will be with you as you discern your future. I will be ever grateful for all the Good Sams

  4. Sounds like a great “stir of the pot” of our life. Marie O’Connor.

  5. Theresa Schumacher says:

    Dear Sisters,
    You are in my prayers as you meet to discern and sort out the life that is calling to you as you move into your furure.

  6. my prayers are for the sisters and partners that they converse together and with the Holy Spirit that the Good Samaritan story grows .May Easter blessings be with each and every one.
    blessings John.Dihm

  7. Peter Ryan fsp says:

    Have fond memories of connection with Good Sams from school days and beyond. Praying blessings on all participating at the assembly. Peter

  8. Rose says:

    Just an idea: Is it possible for congregations of religious to visit schools regularly and give talks to young women about religious life and works. Also at Mass, I believe that young people at Mass today, there is a distinct possibility of a religious vocation, particularly when they are at Mass on their own. Many young women may never have met a religious sister. All the very best.

  9. Marg Walsh says:

    Clare writes elsewhere in this edition about reading ‘the signs of the times’. Wise and courageous leadership applies that approach to the congregation in the exploration and consultation involved in this Easter event. It is very important and all who love the Good Sams should pray earnestly for the Spirit to guide its deliberations and outcomes.

  10. Rosemary Kingsberry says:

    Best wishes to all Sisters and partners in your upcoming important and challenging deliberations and determinations. May the Easter blessings of our risen Christ be showered abundantly on each of you.
    Love to all

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