Opening the door to leadership equality

Dom Mark Patrick Hederman, the former Abbot of Glenstal Abbey in Ireland, was recently in Australia for a number of lectures and seminars.

During the Sydney leg of his visit, Mark Patrick was interviewed by Good Samaritan Sister Patty Fawkner in the “Chats for Change” series.

“Chats for Change” is a conversation series presented by PAYCE, promoting social innovation and thought leadership. The free series aims to engage people from all generations, backgrounds and industries in a conversation about our society’s most complex social issues and to come up with some ideas on how to create a world that is inclusive, compassionate and just.

Mark Patrick has been a monk of Glenstal Abbey in Limerick, Ireland, for over 40 years. A former headmaster of Glenstal Abbey School, he holds a doctorate in the philosophy of education. He studied in Paris under well-known philosopher Emmanual Levinas, and has lectured in philosophy and literature in Ireland, and abroad, including the United States and Nigeria.

Mark Patrick is a prolific author, having written ten books in the past ten years. His latest book is The Opal and the Pearl – Two Kinds of Perfection: Exploring a Christian Spirituality for our Times.

Mark Patrick has been described as a man with a lively intellect, with a heart warmed by the company of friends and meetings with strangers, and a life steadied by the rituals of the Benedictine order.

In this “Chats for Change” presentation, Dom Mark Patrick Hederman explored the theme “Opening the door to leadership equality”.

Watch the interview here.