Celebrating 100 years of a missionary heart

Sister Mary Constable has celebrated her 100th birthday with a special celebratory lunch at the Congregation Centre in Glebe. Nearly 100 people were in attendance, including many Good Samaritan Sisters, family, friends and members of St Augustine’s Balmain. 

Congregational Leader, Sister Patty Fawkner addressed those guests in attendance. Patty spoke to Mary’s life and mentioned that “she [Mary], like Polding, has always had good zeal for mission”. 

Mary was one of the six Good Samaritan Sisters who responded to the need of people in Nagasaki, Japan, after the atomic bomb dropped in 1945.

After 15 years of service in Japan, Mary returned to Australia and went on to spend 30 years ministering in the Balmain community. She and Sister Marie McMahon ministered in ‘being neighbour’ to struggling families, the needy, the sick and the disadvantaged.  

“She was born with a missionary heart and a heart for mission,” said Patty.


A video recording of Patty’s speech and the event can be viewed above.


Patty’s speech is available for download in English here, or Japanese here.