Section Archive: Young Writers' Award 2017

Neighbours: the gateway to the human experience

Eoin Garton “speaks with honesty, sensitivity and maturity about the cost and the blessings of ‘being a neighbour’ and ‘being neighboured’”, the judges said.

Posted on: October 18, 2017

Grey, the colour of unity

The judges said Abrafi Owusu-Mensah’s article is an “artfully-composed” exploration of the question – Who is my neighbour? “It is a mature and insightful piece, especially for one so young.”

Posted on: September 20, 2017

To testify

Georgia Rice’s article “teases out the relationship between mercy, forgiveness, compassion and freedom”, said the judges.

Posted on: September 20, 2017

My neighbour, the good Samaritan

“With striking honesty, sincerity and warmth,” said the judges, Grace Hawkes “reminds us that our neighbours are those who literally live in the homes next to us”.

Posted on: September 20, 2017

All things at once

I feel as if I have become both the Samaritan, caring for my dad, and the man fallen to thieves, so alone, powerless and vulnerable, writes Victoria McGlynn. Is it...

Posted on: August 16, 2017

Snails make good neighbours

It seems strange that a common garden snail achieved more for justice in its death than many men or women do in their lifetimes, writes Naomi Currie.

Posted on: August 16, 2017

Of friends, faith and fellowship

We were united by our difference as much as our communion, writes Beth Doherty.

Posted on: August 16, 2017