Latest resources from MSBC library

The staff of Mount St Benedict Centre Library has selected three resources to guide you this Lent.

Something to read…

Walk in Her Sandals: Experiencing Christ’s Passion through the Eyes of Women (book, 2016), written by a collaboration of 12 leading Catholic women writers. Edited by Kelly M. Wahlquist (Founder of Women in the New Evangelisation).

Walk in Her Sandals looks at the universal, but sometimes overlooked feminine gifts of receptivity, sensitivity, prayer, maternity and the Holy Spirit, through the eyes of women in the Gospels. It provides a practical guide for the reader to know and practice each gift, drawing on reflection, Scripture, narrative, everyday stories and leading female role models. Wahlquist and her team support contemporary women to rediscover and treasure our inherent pathways to Christ, inspiring us then to reach out to the world. The Lenten season affords the ideal space for this contemplation.

Something to listen to…

Stations of the Cross: Then and Now (CD-audiobook and accompanying book, 2016), narrated by Denis McBride CSsR and Julie Etchingham.

This is a beautiful and powerful audio presentation of moving meditations on each stage of Jesus’ passion journey. The supplementary booklet combines traditional art alongside remarkable present-day photographs and explanations of current global events. These events call to mind both the horror and the humanity in our modern world, powerfully aligning the then of Jesus’ Stations of the Cross with the now of our modern-day struggles and the promise of Resurrection. This resource is an inspiring source of Lenten prayer for individuals or groups.

Something to watch…

Fast, Pray, Give: Making the Most of Lent, A Six-Week Guide (DVD & book, 2012) By Mary Carol Kendzia, Greg Friedman OFM & Thomas Richstatter OFM, Franciscan Media.

Fast, Pray, Give is a six-week Lenten study course for individuals and groups alike. As the makers explain, it guides the participant to an understanding of the practices of Lent and their meaning, giving each of them a fresh perspective by placing them in the context of simplicity, spirituality and stewardship.

Each chapter offers Scripture passages, relevant quotes, background material, and focus questions. Inspiration is taken from the journal, Catholic Update, and writings by Richard Rohr to foster contemplation and encourage action.


If you’d like to see more Lenten resources available at Mount St Benedict Centre Library, download the Library’s Lent 2018 Newsletter here.

The Library is located within the Mount St Benedict Centre in Pennant Hills, Sydney. A ministry of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, the Centre is a place of spirituality and formation. In an environment of peace and beauty, the Centre offers hospitality, education and support for life’s journey by sharing its Benedictine traditions and resources.

Mount St Benedict Library carries a diverse collection of contemporary resources specialising in the areas of spirituality, scripture, contemplative prayer and meditation, liturgy, and is home to a significant collection of resources in the area of Benedictine studies.

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