Latest resources from MSBC library

The staff of Mount St Benedict Centre Library has selected three resources to challenge your thinking, strengthen your faith and inspire you to action.

Something to read…

From the Tools of Good Works to the Heart of Humility: A Commentary on Chapters 4-7 of Benedict’s Rule (book, 2017) by Aquinata Böckmann OSB (reviewed by includes brief reviews from Michael Casey OCSO and Carmel Posa SGS).

Aquinata Böckmann, a contemporary expert in interpreting the rule of St Benedict, explores Chapters 4-7 of The Rule and examines The Rule’s spiritual wisdom of good works, obedience, silence and humility. Böckmann explains that after analysing the text and sources, she considers the aim of Benedict’s instruction and what it may say to us today. Close attention is paid to the omissions from Benedict’s major source, the Rule of the Master, and to what he has added or changed, reasoning that this helps us to see Benedict’s character more clearly and gain inspiration from that in our own life.

This is only one of a few commentaries written by Benedictine women living in community.

Something to watch…

Gospel Leadership in Times of Chaos: The Hope of Pope Francis, 13th National E-Conference (DVD, 2017) presented by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Broken Bay Institute.

In this DVD, seven prominent speakers – Professor Massimo Faggioli, Professor Paul Kelly, the Hon Bob Carr, Sister Clare Condon SGS, Elizabeth Proust AO, Sister Ruth Durick OSU and Rev Dr Gerald Arbuckle SM – reflect on the critical socio-political change and uncertainty in our turbulent world and discuss these issues in the context of Pope Francis’ leadership.

Pope Francis’ message of hope, belonging, dialogue, social justice and mercy informs discourse on topics including the rise of fundamentalism and xenophobic policies, growing world violence, the displacement of peoples and the election of populist leaders. This is both a challenging and inspirational resource for our times.

Something to listen to…

Sustaining Presence in the Face of Catastrophe: Teachings on Awakening to Our Essential Nature (series of CDs, 2001) by Eckhart Tolle (world-renowned spiritual teacher).

“The urgency for a radical change in consciousness seems to grow every day,” explains Eckhart. In the face of catastrophe and intense suffering or loss in our world, it can be difficult to stay faithful to the virtues of trust, love and hope. Eckhart invites us to discover our true identity, that of consciousness itself, and allow the healing intelligence of God to work through us, by staying present in calamity and thereby discovering hidden gifts.

In these nine CDs, Eckhart addresses topics including impermanence and spirituality, the root and consequences of unconscious living, presence as our true nature and life as sacred work.


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