Our New Chapter Logo – inviting your response

We have a new logo for the 2023 Chapter Gathering designed to represent our community – a vibrant tree, and our connectedness across the ocean.

You are invited to reflect on the logo image by yourself or in small groups, and to ask the question: “How does the image speak to me personally, and/ or to us who identify as Good Samaritans?”

If you are meeting in a small group to reflect on the logo, remember to use Mutual Invitation. This is where one person begins by inviting by name another person to share. When they finish, they invite another person to share and this is repeated around the circle. Have a minute or two between each sharing for reflecting on what has been shared.

View and download the Suggested Process for reflection on the logo here.

We are keen to hear the results of your individual and group contemplation of the Chapter Gathering logo – please email cpcchair@goodsams.org.au