September 2017

A new chapter in the life of the Good Sams

They’ve had 25 Chapters in their 160-year history. What will Chapter 26 hold for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan?

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Gathering to set new directions and elect leadership

Around 120 Sisters of the Good Samaritan from different parts of Australia, Japan, the Philippines and Kiribati will come together in Sydney this weekend to begin their congregation’s 26th Chapter...

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Accompanying Japan’s “triple disaster” survivors

Sister Haruko Morikawa temporarily relocated to north-eastern Japan earlier this year to accompany survivors of Japan’s “triple disaster”. She says her experiences so far are “like a precious treasure”.

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Ready to move on and let others guide the way

Sister Clare Condon will end her 12-year term as Congregational Leader of the Good Samaritan Sisters at the upcoming Chapter.

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Having a voice

Our voice may seem insignificant, but it needs to be heard, respected and encouraged.

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Grey, the colour of unity

The judges said Abrafi Owusu-Mensah’s article is an “artfully-composed” exploration of the question – Who is my neighbour? “It is a mature and insightful piece, especially for one so young.”

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To testify

Georgia Rice’s article “teases out the relationship between mercy, forgiveness, compassion and freedom”, said the judges.

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My neighbour, the good Samaritan

“With striking honesty, sincerity and warmth,” said the judges, Grace Hawkes “reminds us that our neighbours are those who literally live in the homes next to us”.

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