April 2021

Feathered flashes of hope

Feathered flashes of hope


A Feathered Flash crashed

on the catwalks of the world!

Sleek, meek

waddling wonders,

humble epitomes of parenting,

paragons of the bird populace

took to life’s stage.


Through the aeons of time,

they strut.

Like models

vogued in the art

of evolutionary millinery,

Feathered Fashion Plates

like none other.


Evolutionary epitomes of hope

originating in the dense dank

shelter of rainforests,

in that other land of flightless birds,

across the ditch.

Not far but yet eons apart are they,

in the art of survival.


They strut,

they waddle,

they dive,

they survive,

they live,

they give,

with the utmost endurance.


On the rocky precipices of the Galapagos.

in the traffic ridden ridges,

of Cape Town streets.

in the whitened expanses

of frosted freezing Antarctica

survival is maintained intact.

Survival is assured.


Image: 123rf.com/Anthony Lister.

They strut,

they waddle,

they dive,

they survive,

they live,

they give,

with the utmost endurance.


In our time,

in our place.

In the moment of the now.

In our time,

in our place,

in the horror of the virus,

of the ever impending pandemic.


We too,

like them

can not only survive,

but adapt,

and thrive,

and tip our feathers

to waddle forth on the catwalks of our world.


Penguins of the world,

we tip our hats to you,

for in you is imbued

the art of parenting and

the art of resilience 

the art of survival.


Humans of the world

take heart

like the humble

lowly, pardon me not lowly.

Like the Emperor

of the world,

a vogue of a penguin


The time has come for us.

Humans one and all

it’s time

to fluff out our feathers,

preen, glisten and glow

in the oil of Easter light

for Vaccine armed, we can take heart, yes oh yes


A feathered flash

crashed in my mind

a feathered flash

crowned in golden yellow

a feathered flash

caught in a sun lit wave

captured my imagination

and lay the gift of HOPE at my feet.


Is not this what Easter means?

Is not this what waiting for the breath of the Spirit at Pentecost is?

Is not this life?


Marie Casamento SGS

Marie Casamento

Good Samaritan Sister Marie Casamento has ministered as a teacher, principal and art psychotherapist. Today, as in the past, she endeavours to live the maxim “to attend with a listening heart”. As a resident of Wivenhoe Village, near Camden in NSW, her aim is to be neighbour to all she meets. She enjoys drawing, writing and observing nature.

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