August 2011

Helping to solve critical water needs in Kiribati

There aren’t too many nuns who are also water engineers. In a report from Sean Dorney, the ABC’s Pacific Correspondent, find out how Good Samaritan Sister Marella Rebgetz is helping to solve Kiribati’s critical water needs as a water engineer.

Since their arrival in the early 1990s, Australian Sisters of the Good Samaritan have become increasingly attuned to the distinct challenges facing Kiribati, a remote nation of 33 low-lying coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean, and together with their I-Kiribati sisters, they are responding where they can.

Originally from north Queensland, Marella Rebgetz first lived in Kiribati from 2000 until 2002 before returning in 2008. She brings vital skills and experience as a water engineer to a country very vulnerable to climate change.

Read the transcript or listen to Sean Dorney’s report here.

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