August 2020

A wise leader uses 'different strokes for different folks'

Within the Rule of Benedict, the contemporary relevance of wisdom for leaders is as impressive as the Rule’s longevity, writes Sister Patty Fawkner in an open letter to President Trump. 

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Saying thank you ‘with a song in my heart’

When Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley became Vice-Patron of the Good Samaritan Foundation, she penned a song about the work of the Good Sams and their partners, writes Debra Vermeer.

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Let your soul catch up with the rest of your life

One of the features of How to Live, a new book by Judith Valente, is her ability to articulate truths the reader has sensed but never encapsulated, writes Tracey Edstein.

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COVID-19: an opportunity for cultivating a fresh approach to spirituality?

Many people are understandably on edge about the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic also allows us to cultivate a fresh, contemplative approach to our own spiritual formation, writes Peter Mudge.

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Sr Germia Tocama’s five-day Sydney visit turns into five months

When Good Samaritan Sister Germia Tocama left the Philippines for Sydney in early March, she intended to be here for five days to attend a Good Sams’ Plenary Council meeting.


Extended stay at Yorkshire monastery brings many blessings

Good Samaritan Sister Christine Manning arrived at Stanbrook Abbey, North Yorkshire in November 2019 for a five-month sabbatical, however, she did not expect she would be there nine months later.


St Scholastica’s College rises to a new challenge for boarders

The COVID-19 pandemic had a big impact on education right across Australia as schools closed and home-learning took over, but one group of students who faced particular challenges was boarders


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