December 2020

Rosebank Rally a winning combination of fun, friends and faith

Early in Term 4 in 2020, the Ministry team at Rosebank College introduced the inaugural Rosebank Rally, which was designed to give teenagers a refreshed perspective of God in a concert-like atmosphere.

The theme of the rally held on November 13 was ‘Unmasking: Seeing you as God sees you’.

The message of unmasking was explored in a range of insightful videos, hilarious ‘choose your own adventure’ teacher performances, and powerful speeches that had an impact on students of all ages.

The college staff band was a great hit, performing a variety of contemporary and Christian songs that had the whole crowd singing. A host of teachers dressed up as students for a skit that reflected on the real-life experiences many teenagers face.

In a positive sign in the school’s Christian ministry, more than 150 students stayed on for an optional part of the program. It is hoped the rally will become an annual event in the life of the college.

Feedback confirmed the rally resonated with students. School Captain Bella in Year 11 said it was a great way to bring the school community together and learn some valuable messages in a fun way.

“You could feel the sense of community in the hall with everyone cheering and laughing,” Bella said. “The energy made you forget about COVID-19 and all the distress it caused during the year.

“Overall, it was a fun and engaging experience that taught students a relevant message in an effective manner as well as allowing people to reflect and enrich their relationship with their faith.”

In other student feedback:

“The rally was the perfect combination of fun, friends and faith. From the live band, dancers, short video and teacher skit, the rally was an incredible experience!” Antoinette, Year 11

“I got to admire the talents of both teachers and students and, most importantly, grew closer to God in my faith. The duality of the rally (being both religious and entertaining) not only engaged me and my peers but helped us to explore moral issues in a different perspective. The rally was an amazing event which I am glad to have attended and I hope that another rally is held in the near future.” Natalie, Year 10

“I really enjoyed the rally and it was probably one of the highlights of the year. I liked how interactive it all was, and how different it was from other events at the college.” Xavier, Year 8

“It was an experience that exceeded expectations and allowed us to come together. We were invited to engage in self-reflection on the gift of our own life and its value, which we are blessed and lucky to have.” Daniel, Year 12 graduate

“As an agnostic, I was deeply inspired and moved by the various performances and themes of the night.” Colm, Year 11

“The event was full of learning experiences, which really changed my way of thinking. It was put together phenomenally and went amazing. Thank you, staff, for this opportunity to grow as a person.” Mia, Year 7

Rosebank College is a Good Samaritan, Benedictine, Catholic, co-educational secondary school that continues in the tradition of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan and belongs to the community of 10 schools across Australia called Good Samaritan Education.


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